Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer 1800W [Rapid air flow丨NTC smart temperature control | Magnetic nozzle rotates 360°]

Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Specifications :
Features : Water Ions Protection, Replenishes Moisture, Neutralizes Static Electricity, Improves Shine, 360° Rotating Magnetic Nozzle
Brand : Xiaomi
Model : Mi Ionic Hairdryer
Model Code : CMJ0LX
Net Weight : 547g(including nozzle)
Product Dimensions : 160 × 77 × 215mm(including nozzle)
Rated Voltage : 220 V
Rated Frequency : 50 Hz
Rated Power : 1800 W
Three Temperature Settings : Hot air / Cold air / Alternating hot/cold air
Two Speed Setting : Slow and High
Protective Function : Water Ions
Power Cable Length : 1.7 m
Certification Standards : GB 4706.1, GB 4706.15, GB 4343.1, GB 17625.1
Warranty : 6 Months Warranty by Mobile 2 Go
RM 179.00
RM 139.00
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