Xiaomi Dust Collecting Sweeping Robot Vacuum Cleaner [Auto Dust Collection | Large 4L Capacity Dust Bag | 4in1 Deisgn- Sweep, Vacuum, Mop & Dirt Collection]

Manufacturer: Xiaomi
►Dust Auto collection from dustbin to station.
►16500PA Dual channels collect dust.
►Smart charging base, Large-capacity for 45 days.
►3D avoid obstacles without touching furniture
►360° scan by LDS navigation, real-time map.
►Smart Operations on MIHOME APP.
►3000PA Suction by NIDEA brushless motor.
►5200mAh large battery covers a house of 240 ㎡.
►Warranty: 1 Year Warranty by Mobile 2 Go
RM 2099.00
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Automatically collect dirts from the robot dustbin

Smart charging base, Automatically recycle the dust inside the robot to the garbage bag,
Take away the garbage bag after 45 days.

Dual channels collect dust

16500PA strong suction power, quickly empty the robot dust box garbage in 10 seconds.
Blowing and inhaling are activated at the same time.tookfun.
Automatically clean the channel to prevent clogging.

4L large antibacterial garbage bag

It only needs to manage the robot 8 times a year.
The new antibacterial garbage bag is simple to operate and quick to install.

3D accurate recognition of obstacles

Take the initiative to avoid obstacles to prevent wires from being entangled.
Identify low obstacles,
Does not collide.

Bottom sensor, Quickly detect steps and move back.

360-degree scan of the room

The new LDS navigation technology, Build maps quickly.

MIHOME APP, support WIFI connection

Build a map of the room, Customize the cleaning mode of each room.
Clean the districts, clean the constituencies, and set up restricted areas.
Start regularly.

Quad-core CPU, intelligently plan the best cleaning route.

The room is fully covered.

3000PA Strong Suction

NIDEA high-performance brushless motor, powerful suction,
easy to clean dust and pet hair, floor gaps.

Three water control modes

Intelligently control the water tank to evenly discharge water and protect the floor.

5200mAh large capacity battery

It can clean a house of 240 square meters per charge.
Automatically return the charging foundation.
Support breakpoints to continue cleaning.

Smart charging base, charging and collecting dust.
The dust channel on the back is transparent for easy observation and cleaning.

20mm Over Obstacles.

OTA online upgrade, more functions will be updated soon.